Welcome to the mabiBOBO Support & Donation page!  If you are on this page, it must mean that YOU want to find out what you can do to help support my channel.  All those who help donate / support will receive a special tweet dedication from me!  Please read below to learn more about how to get your dedication properly!

For those that don't know, I do not make any profit off of my channel and I simply do this for a hobby!  All profits gained will always be returned back to the mabiBOBO community.

Donations will be used for:

- Website / domain upkeep costs

- Event & Giveaways rewards back to the community

- Gachapon opening funding 

- Items to help make my video content better! (microphone, video editing software, etc.)


Best way to support my channel is by sending a straight donation!  If you do not want to use streamlabs, click on the Paypal donation button at the very bottom of this page.




Subscribing, Twitch Prime Subs, sending bits, all of these will greatly support my channel no matter how big or small the contribution is!


Please note that you must include your nickname / IGN in the note / message if you don't want your paypal name to be tweeted.

I will usually tweet or live stream thank those that donate, but to make sure everyone gets their tweet dedication properly, please either message me through ONE of the following if you don't see it:

- DISCORD MESSAGE : Send private message or mention to bobo#1221.  Include the amount you donated and your IGN or name you'd like the dedication made out to.  
- CONTACT BY FORM : Go to the "Contact" page on this website and fill out the form.  Include the amount you donated and your IGN or name you'd like the dedication made out to.

Thanks again for all your love and support!  Stay Awesome!