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Youtube Live Stream & Event Giveaway!

Greetings Everyone! Enjoying the dancing Lucky Muffins because there's so many news!! (or is there?) First off, I'd like to apologize for saying "YAY TWITCH AND STICKERS" and before ever doing much, I completely removed them. A bit of a complicated reason to explain why, just know it involves doodads of gadgetry I don't want to fix. A bummer yes, but there is a bright side, I promise. SECOND, I'd like to once again apologize for not announcing it sooner but there is a giveaway going on (actually it's BEEN going on lmaooo) and I forgot to post a news post on it..... crickets chirp* Though I'm sure most of you already know about it. If not, head over to the Events and Giveaways page because it's ending soon! I plan to do a live stream with the answers and CHOSEN WINNERRR on the 29th for your enjoyment. NEXT, YES, THE STREAM TOPIC. Some of you may have noticed I started to stream Mabinogi on Youtube Live. The results? SUPER WHAM BAM FANTASTIC!! I feel I get more participants and views through my Youtube channel since that's where most of my viewers are from. As much as I love Twitch, it's only reached out to the super stalky fans or clueless wanderers that haven't yet experienced the Milletian life. Youtube not only reaches out to all, but it also waves towards new players, current long time players, og players you thought died but still roam around, and even maybe perhaps Nexon themselves?? shrugface* Basically, I decided to switch all my Mabinogi live stream content over to Youtube Live instead of Twitch. It's obviously more convenient to viewers and it's definitely more interactive. Expect more Youtube live stream of casual Mabinogi gameplay.... like seriously, if you ever wonder what I do in game nowadays. However Twitch will not just die from there. I will continue to stream OTHER games that isn't Mabinogi related on Twitch for those that like to just follow my amazing voice and watch my .... struggles in games. And that's basically all the news I have for now for you guys. I really hope I can do more live streaming. I know I keep saying I will but then things come up at the last minute so it's difficult to set a specific schedule. So if you don't want to miss my live streams, again, please follow my Twitter and TURN ON notifications so you get them the moment I blast it out. Thanks everyone for understanding my wonky schedule and taking the time to read this essay. Muffins to all! - bobo

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