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Where is bobo??

Greetings Everyone! I feel like it's been a long hiatus for mabiBOBO despite the constant gachapon video updates. Truthfully, it's one of the only few types of videos I have time to do nowadays. I've had comments from viewers wondering when I will cover the new spirit weapon changes, pet updates, tech dungeons, new generation storyline, or just any sort of guidance video. The honest truth is... I can't really promise when I will be able to make another guidance video. A big roadblock preventing me from doing guidance videos is because I'm still progressing myself and haven't completed much of the new content (wow amazing right? Nexon rolling updates too fast even I can't catch up). I'm actually a rather casual player now in Mabi and haven't found the time to even complete the new content so how am I able to teach others if I haven't even done it? Another huge factor is the fact that some of the new content relies on bigger parties to complete. People may think I have a huge group of friends to help me do videos on Mabi, but I actually don't have a lot since most of them moved away from the game. Lastly, I just simply play other random games off Steam because they're actually more fun for me whilst Mabi is more like that one chore game you play (COUGH** WHO IS GETTING ANIMAL CROSSING FOR SWITCH, I AM FO SHO). Additionally lots have changed in my life this past year and as I've grown older, so did a lot of my hobbies and time management. I used to be able to spend hours on the weekends to make & edit videos for my viewers and now, I spend hours on the weekend to just run errands & chores. Sounds rather sad, but it honestly really isn't. I've done a lot more things I felt made me grow as a person and be more responsible. I'm always the type of person that likes to get things done and it just so happens that now I have a lot more things on my plate than I did when I was younger. Honestly, I always feel bad making these sort of announcements, because it feels like I'm letting down my viewers more and more. Regardless, I still appreciate all those that still recognize me for my Mabi videos in game despite the lack of guidance updates. In the end, I have to just do what I can do with the time I have. In summary, I've gone super casual in the game now and truthfully for now, I can only promise I will still keep my gachapon videos going at least. It's definitely what my channel was mainly known for, so I want to at least keep that going. Guidance videos and live streaming won't happen often unless my weekend plans are completely free (lately that hasn't been a thing). Giveaways will be less since in general, I've gone more broke and monetizing have significantly gone down. So where is the good news in all this? Unfortunately there isn't, but I simply didn't want to keep saying "I really want to do this more" and don't actually keep my word. I hope folks will understand and still enjoy the little content I can still provide. I will always be reachable in the mabiBOBO Discord group and fellow milletians, please continue to help each other as well! Stay awesome my friends!

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