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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you guys are having a blast during the holidays! As you guys can see, during Christmas eve, I decided to work on transferring over our website to Wix to help ease website costs and to make it "oh so fabulous" effortlessly. I hope you guys enjoy the new website! I know it's a bit of a pain to keep seeing these website transfers, so hopefully this one sticks.

Over time, I will continue on improving the website with other thing-mah-bobos and make it more awesome. Since I worked on this project this weekend, unfortunately I will not have the Chain Slash & Baltane Mission update video. I know lots of you guys are waiting for that and I am definitely diligently collecting footage to make sure I cover as much as possible. Thanks everyone for your patience!

As for the End of the New Year event, I will be hosting a live stream on CHRISTMAS DAY! This will be sometime in the afternoon around 12pm PST. I will be announcing the FINAL Winter season winner for my Twitch Participation rewards as well as the FINAL TWITCH PARTICIPATION END OF THE YEAR WINNER. I will also be setting up a 1G shop and give away a lot of in game items worth several thousands to even millions on the Mari server at Dunbarton channel 2. Be sure to look out for my announcement and ready your inventory! Santa bobo is coming to town!

Have a great Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!

and like always, STAY AWESOME!

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