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MapleStory 2 Restless Members

To all MapleStory 2 Restless Members!

Be sure to join my mabiBOBO Discord group (click on "Community" and then "Discord" on the top menu) to stay in touch with the rest of the members from MapleStory 2 CBT2! I've included a MapleStory 2 role in the discord you can assign yourself by typing "+giveme ms2" in the command center.

Members that join the group will automatically be accepted as guild members during the official release (or possible 3RD BETA?!) and not have to start off as an initiate. Keep in mind that I cannot promise saved spots that do not join the Discord group since there may be other members that weren't able to join beta wanting to join the guild. Since I do want to have an active guild to further expand the guild, guild participation will be monitored. More information on the MapleStory 2 Restless guild will be posted in a separate website I will release later!

Now for those Mabinogians confused as to why I am posting about MapleStory 2, please note that this is the start of a new transition change to my Youtube channel. My channel will soon be focusing on multiple games and not solely on Mabinogi. At first, you will mostly see Mabinogi and MapleStory 2 videos, but I will do my best to expand outward to other games. Thanks everyone for your continued support!

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