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Mabinogi Q&A Series Begin!

Greetings Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well during these crazy days of 2020 chaos. I want peeps to know that I am doing fine and literally doing what I mentioned in my last post. Playing casually!! However I do miss doing more and I am trying my best to organize other videos besides gachapon openings just for you guys! Lately I did an interview with Taminogi of In the Nao and it was definitely a pleasant surprise and enjoyable experience! If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out here on their channel!

After doing this video, it inspired me to start a Mabinogi Q&A Series for my channel. This series will allow the Mabinogi Youtube community to send me Mabinogi questions (community related) they want answered. From the pool of questions in each episode, ONE LUCKY WINNER will be chosen for submitting my most favorite question and will receive a $10 Karma Koin code. This will be a MONTHLY SERIES, meaning it will be a monthly giveaway! Doing a Q&A series is definitely something I can manage my time to commit to, plus I really enjoy reaching out to my viewers on a whole new level. I hope this series will bring me closer to you guys and to each other. We are already TWO EPISODES in, so if you want to participate, check out the "Events and Giveaways" page above and participate in the latest episode!

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