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mabiBOBO Shop is Open!

Greetings everyone!

Sorry for the late opening for my merchandise shop! It's been quite the hectic week for me!

Anyways, most of the raffle winners should be receiving or already received their prizes now so now the shop is ready to be opened!

You can find the link to the shop at the very top of the page with the orange button! It will redirect you to my manufacturing website, Zazzle. This website is great for sharing your own designs and selling them on shirts, buttons, keychains and more. After observing a few prototypes and sending out the rewards, I can say proudly that this company definitely gives you guys top notch quality merch gears!

Please note, of course the best way to donate is through a straight donation through paypal, but if you prefer to grab some awesome gear and support the channel, this is the best way to do so! All profits from merchandise will NOT be pocketed for profits and will be put towards my mabiBOBO channel & giveaways! Remember! All that I do on my channel and this website is simply a hobby I enjoy doing for the Mabinogi & gaming community!

Anyways, introducing the very FIRST MABI GEAR COLLECTION: LUCKY MUFFIN

More designs will be released in the near future so make sure you follow my Twitter or poke around this website every now and then! For those curious on how much profit is gained through these merch gear, it's actually not much! Please note that I do not make or ship any of the items in my shop. Since it's all being done by the manufacturer, they actually keep most of the profits. Here is the amount given to mabiBOBO for every item purchased:

Buttons: $0.25

Keychains: $0.82

Hats: $1.99

Shirts: $2.50

As you can see, it really isn't much, but it's still profit for something I don't have to do ^3^b

I hope you enjoy this first collection for now and continue to support through future collections!

Stay awesome fam!

- bobo

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