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mabiBOBO's Fan Appreciation Month Giveaway

Greetings everyone!

My apologies for not keeping this webpage updated with the latest Mabinogi events. As you can see, Mabi is constantly rolling out new events and unfortunately there's only one bobo and many sites to manage. So decided that it's probably best to only stick to mabiBOBO announcements here. If you guys want to stay updated with the latest Mabinogi events, be sure to subscribe to my other social medias such as Youtube, Twitter, Discord and Twitch! On Youtube you guys will get the latest mabiBOBO videos on events, gachapon openings, and random Mabinogi 101s and videos. On Twitch, you can join me on the weekends for random Mabi gameplays or get a sneak peak of event / gachapon videos before they are released! On Twitter, I will constantly keep you guys updated on the going ons with Mabi in case you aren't near your PC. Lastly, my mabiBOBO Discord is the one place I will post everything from new videos, special announcements, tips on events, etc.

Now that you guys know what I do for each social media, there's ONE MORE REASON for you guys to join them this month! I am hosting a special event called mabiBOBO's Fan Appreciation Month and this event will be a raffle giveaway for all my awesome fans that follow / subbed in my social medias. There will be a total of FIVE LUCKY WINNERS that will receive some mabiBOBO MERCHANDISE before my shop is open to the public. Be sure to visit the Events & Giveaways page for more information!

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