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Hey Everyone!

I would like to announce something important that is pretty much an inevitable topic so here it goes.

With my channel mostly being known for my gachapons, I know some of you will be expecting me to open gachapons for the next upcoming gacha but the honest truth is I really cannot afford to fund multiple games with gachas (as some of you saw, I opened the style crate for MS2). Even with all my Youtube channel, merch shop, Twitch, etc, I do not make anywhere close to what I spend making content for my videos & events for giveaways. It would be unwise and unfair for me to spend gachapon out of obligation. I do love opening gachapons, but please note that it will be for games I will actually play. I've kept my budget strict on gachapons so I will not be wiggling the amount any higher for Nexon.

I hope you all can understand I'm simply an an average person, making an average paycheck day to day and dont have such luxuries to spend gachapons like one spends on food. Thanks everyone for your understanding and continuous support!

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