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Expect More Live Streams!

Greetings Everyone! Yes I'm still alive! I know it's been ages since I last wrote anything here! With all the new changes happening in my life, it's definitely occupied most of my time. Now that some stuff's been settling down, I realized now with the upcoming server merge, I need to make a decision on where mabiBOBO will be heading. With my bf's recent move, it's been rather difficult to edit videos on the weekends so I felt it was better for me to do more livestreaming of games instead of Youtube videos. Please don't blame him! Honestly, if I had to choose to spend time with my bf or work on videos, you best know what my answer will be! I feel that this will bring me closer to my viewers and overall just make everything more enjoyable and fun. I hope to see you guys more on my Twitch channel joining my evening livestreams! Please follow if you haven't so you get notified when I stream since I may just stream randomly! Now check out my latest video talking about the server merge and what's been going on during my 5 month disappearance!


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