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End of the Year mabiBOBO Review

Greetings Everyone! It's time to take a look back at mabiBOBO and see what goals were met and what fell through. I will warn you guys in advance that this post may not be the best news to read, so prepare yourself. Throughout this year, some of you may have noticed that I heavily pushed towards gaining more support and donations for mabiBOBO. I opened a merchandise shop, offered multi ways to support, and a Patreon page. The reason for this was to make up for the high spending costs in 2017. So how did that go? Well, not very well. Most folks may assume things are well when I am able to host giveaways. But the truth is, I just have horrible priorities in where I spend my money LOL. Note that mabiBOBO does not profit, ever, even through donations and Youtube. The reality is, in 2017 I lost over $4,000 into Mabinogi. Sounds crazy yeah? I had to calculate everything twice to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The money I earn from Youtube is not even 10% of that amount. This year, the spending cost dropped down to a little over $2,000 which is a huge difference compared to last year. I want to say that the result of this change is definitely caused from me taking a break on a few gachapon purchases, and a break on Mabinogi and shifting my interest into MapleStory 2. After calculating the average monthly spending costs, I actually spend 20% less on MapleStory 2 compared to Mabinogi. My goal definitely, was to lower the spending costs and hopefully one day just "break even". A big change this year will be a temporary hiatus in Mabinogi. I will not lie and admit that I've grown very fond of MapleStory 2 and it's super rare for me to be hiatus from Mabinogi over another game. As you can see in my banner above, I've made lots of new friends in this game, some of which actually played Mabinogi themselves. This hiatus will also affect my Youtube channel so viewers will not see many weekly videos. For those that play MapleStory 2, you will understand when I say that it takes up quite a lot of your time (curse those time gated dailies...). Making Mabinogi videos makes no sense when I will be on hiatus. So as a result, I am shifting my focus more on my Twitch channel with MapleStory 2. Seems like a very common thing to see now on Twitch yeah? =v= To be honest, I've seen more support on my Twitch channel in the small amount of times I've streamed in comparison to Patreon and donation support. I am very curious to see how much it can grow if I stream more often. FYI, both the Patreon and donation support are actually removed (RIP LuckyMuffin squad) from my website and will no longer be used. Usually I test run these sort of things for a few months and if there are no results, I chuck it out the window LOL. I will only be keeping straight paypal donations / streamlabs, mabiBOBO merchandise, and Twitch subs. So in SUMMARY, there will be less Mabinogi and Youtube videos and more MapleStory 2 and Twitch streaming. I know this is not ideal news for Mabinogi fans and this can greatly affect my followers, but I will be honest and say that I must take the route that saves me more money and brings more happiness with the company of good friends versus more cost spending and an empty friends list. I wish everyone lots of luck in the upcoming new year!

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