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Chain Slash Update & Videos

Greetings Everyone!

Thanks everyone for your patience waiting for the new Chain Slash videos! It took me some time to finally collect footage, information, and of course, gather the skills & run the missions myself before I was able to release my videos. I hope both videos cover the general basic & easily summarize exactly what you guys need to know for the new updates.

Please note that my videos mostly only cover the basics and I do not always go too in depth with the information in regards to statistics & speed runs. I feel that there are a good amount of Youtubers out there that offer this sort of information and my general focus is towards the newbie audience. However this doesn't mean people should not offer advise or assistance in my video comments. I want to genuinely thank all the more knowledgeable players out there leaving solid advise and support in my video comments (YES YOU! I read them too!).

Please continue to stay awesome & helpful to everyone!



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