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Back on Twitch!!

Greetings Everyone!

It's been a while since I last posted an update here! I know many of you are already aware of my last video about quitting Mabinogi. If you haven't seen it, here it is:

As an update, it's been several months since my move and we are pretty much settled in! I do plan to post an update soon in my vlog playlist so bear with me! Even after settling in, I still have not decided to return to Mabinogi for the same reasons. In fact, I've actually started to do more live streams on Twitch under a variety of recent / random games. bobo a variety streamer now??? YIKES!! There goes that one dedicated Mabinogi channel!! EPIC SADFACE***

I know this has disappointed many of my followers and there has been quite a steady decrease in subscribers since I've been streaming. I want people to know that I completely understand since my channel was mostly for gachapon openings and guides, so seeing other videos irrelevant can be frustrating to see on feeds. I do hope though, despite the variety of games smacking everyone in the face, folks will still remain loyal and simply follow for good company and fun!

I've dedicated my streams to be nice long conversations during my gameplay so viewers will feel more connected with me and have that warm companionship while they are busy working from home, studying for that next exam, or simply bored out of their minds. So please, if you haven't done so, please FOLLOW MY TWITCH CHANNEL to stay updated on my next live stream AND join the chat conversations! If you miss my stream or simply just want to remain loyal on Youtube, you will see exports of my live streams on Twitch eventually uploaded to Youtube. Also feel free to follow my TWITTER CHANNEL if you prefer to see my random tweets AND notifications when I stream. Note that I DO NOT have a set schedule to stream since so many things can happen throughout the week. I can say though, that I will USUALLY be streaming around 8pm PST on random weekdays.

Hope to see more folks on my streams!! Love you all! And as always, please stay awesome!

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