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I have trouble using Push to Talk in Discord, why isn't it working when I play Mabi?

It's a known issue that push to talk will not work on the Discord program if you are viewing Mabi. To fix this problem, you will need to RUN DISCORD IN ADMIN MODE. To do this, right click your Discord icon and go to "Run as administrator" so it recognizes Discord's hotkeys.

I'm not using my home computer, can I access your server somewhere else?

Yes, Discord can be accessible through an internet browser. You can simply log into your account on Discord

OH NO, I joined a voice channel by accident, how do I leave it? I don't want people to hear me!

It's ok! Unless you have voice activity on, no one can hear you unless you press your "Push to Talk" button. To leave the channel, simply press the phone icon next to "Voice Connected". If you're really worried, pressing the mic or headphones below it will mute your microphone or headphones when it's crossed out.

How do I set up my Push to Talk key?

Press the cog wheel (see previous screenshot) next to your icon and go to Voice under the App Settings. There you can choose "Push to Talk" and change the shortcut key to the key you want to press when you want to chat. Keep in mind that "Voice Activity" turns on your mic AUTOMATICALLY by voice detection. It is ideal to adjust your voice activity levels appropriately so you do not activate constant background noise and disrupt other players.

How does the chat levels work and how do I check my ranking for the leaderboards?

To check your ranking, simply type in the #command_center:
to see what your rank and level is. It will also show how much exp you need in order to level up to the next level.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LEADERBOARD RANKINGS or you can simply type !levels in the #command_center.
You will gain exp by participating in text channels by simply sending messages in the channel. Each time you post a message, you get a random number of XP between 15 & 25. To avid spamming and flood messages, you can only gain xp once per minute.

How do I use the radio in the discord radio garage?

First, go in the Radio Garage channel. It is very important that YOU are in this channel otherwise you will move the radio bot to the wrong channel. Then click on the #command_center and type in the commands for the radio. To see the FULL list of commands type: ;;commands MUSIC BOT - FREDBOAT ;;join or ;;leave - Bring the music bot in the channel and kick it out. ;;play (url) or ;;play (search song title) - Adds your song in the radio to play
Example: ;;play bruno mars treasure
OR ;;play ;;list - See the list of songs in the radio ;;skip or ;;skip # or skip #-# - Skips the current song or a specific song in the radio (please do not be rude and skip everyone's song unless it's super disruptive!) ;;nowplaying - See what song is nowplaying in the radio

ADJUSTING RADIO BOT VOLUME: Right click the music bot and adjust the volume to your liking. Don't worry, it only changes the volume for you, not for everyone in the channel. PLAYING A SONG BY SEARCHING A TITLE WITH MULTIPLE RESULTS (FREDBOAT)
After typing ;;play SONG TITLE HERE, you may get several results numbered 1-5. The next step is to type: ;;play # on the list.

Can I give myself more than one server role?

Yes you can, however I suggest you only choose one "server" so other players don't get confused. Just remember that having multiple roles will not have you appear multiple times on the member list. It will only show the role that's closest to the top of the list.

Do I have to state what server I'm on when I post selling / buying items in the #mabi_market_cellar?

If you are properly categorized in a specific group, you do not need to since your character's name will be the same color of what specific server role. However, if you chose multiple roles or just want to post the server, you are free to. Another great way to advertise in this channel is to mention your role (server) so everyone in your server can see your advertisement. However please do not spam the mention commands.

Do I need to have a microphone to join?

A microphone is only needed if you want to participate by talking in voice chats so no, it is not required. You can always listen to voice chats without a microphone. However it is recommended to have a headphone to prevent echo playbacks if you decide to use voice activity.

I am being harrassed or someone is causing trouble / trolling in the server group, what should I do?

Please immediately report any problems to bobo or a mod in the Discord. Do your best to collect / screenshot any evidence to help us determine what action needs to be done. I suggest using a program like, it allows you to take a screenshot of anything on your computer and upload it automatically.

How do I get the Epic, Mods or Alliance role?

MODS ROLE is for moderators in the Discord. This specific role can only be obtain if you are an Alliance or Epic role & choose to take on the responsibilities. Those in these roles must send a DM to bobo directly on Discord inquiring these responsibilities.
ALLIANCE ROLE is a role for trusted members of the RESTLESS GUILD. This means the member must be an active long term member of the guild (each game varies). Once recognized by other members and leaders, they will be automatically added into this role.
EPIC ROLE is a special role rewarded to players in the chat for their special achievements & contributions to mabiBOBO. If the member does not want this role, they can ask to be removed.


Can I add you as a friend?

Due to past incidents, I unfortunately do not take any friend adds on Discord or other platforms besides my Steam. If you would like to chat, please feel free to send me a message on Discord or through my live streams on Twitch

How long have you played Mabinogi?

I've been playing Mabinogi since BETA RELEASE in North America (March 2008).

Did you quit Mabinogi? Will you no longer post Mabinogi videos?

Since December 2020, I have announced to my viewers that I did indeed quit Mabinogi with a very small chance of returning. Due to financial obligations, I can no longer upkeep the gachapon opening videos and do not have the time play the game and stay up to date with all the new Mabinogi updates to properly create guides for my followers. It is very unlikely that I will post more Mabinogi videos, but the game still holds a special place in my heart!


Can I send a video / game request?

I am currently not taking any video requests. However if there is a particular game you think I may be interested in streaming, please let me know and I may consider it!

When do you stream? I always seem to miss it!

I do not have a fixed stream schedule since I often have plans that can change it. Usually, I will stream on the weekdays during the evenings PST or sometimes afternoon. Please follow my Twitch and Twitter to receive notifications when I start to stream.

I see you are on live! Can I join your game?

In most cases, YES if the game I am playing allows multiplayer / co-op and you are a part of my steam friends, if I am live streaming please ask to join my game! I enjoy the company of others and it's more fun to play with friends! However please note that if anyone joins my game and it leads to nothing but toxic destruction, I will no longer accept that player to join my games.