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Discord is a free voice & text chat that can be used easily on a browser, downloaded program, or mobile device.  To join Discord, simply go to to sign up for an account.  Again, it is free and you do not HAVE to download anything (though it is HIGHLY suggest you download the Discord program for your convenience!).

Please join at your own discretion!  Note that some voice / chat conversations you sit in or walk in on may not be suitable for a younger audience and we are not responsible for such encounters!

how do i join the mabibobo discord group?

STEP ONE:  After you've created an account,

click on the + button on the left side of your screen to add a group:

MABIBOBO'S DISCORD SERVER  (Please note that this link CAN CHANGE in the future.  Please refer back to this website to see any updated links.)


First thing you want to do is read the Discord Rules in the #discord_rules text channel.
Next, you will need to CATEGORIZE yourself in the server you play so other players know where you are from.


To do this, go to the #command_center text channel and type in:  +giveme [yourservernamehere]
So for example, if you are on the Mari server, you will need to type:  +giveme mari
Available choices of course are:  Alexina, Mari, Ruairi, Tarlach, Nao (merged Mari, Ruairi & Tarlach) & International (International contains all users from non NA servers)
Once you've categorized yourself, you will have access to type in the other text channels and be able to participate in voice chats.

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