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mabiBOBO is a popular Mabinogi Youtube channel dedicated to keep the Mabinogi community updated with the latest gachapon openings, events, guides, etc.  The channel was created in 2010 as a hobby and later became more known in 2013 from frequent gachapon openings.  Since then, mabiBOBO has remained a dedicated community for Mabinogi fans through many social medias.  

In 2019, her in game Mabinogi husband moved from NY to CA to live with bobo which made her shift her focus towards streaming instead of clipped / edited Youtube videos so she could spend more time with him.  Her love for Mabinogi always remains, but she now continues to grow her Youtube channel through streams and a variety of games on Twitch with her humorous and quirky personality that made the channel grow to over 4,000 subscribers today.


The host name is bobo and she currently plays in the North America Mari (Nao) server.  She's been a dedicated Mabinogi player since the release of beta in March 2008.  Bobo is also a part of the Restless guild; a small but close knit loyal group of friends she's known for years.

In real life, bobo works and lives in the California bay area.  Her particular likes include video games, Netflix, Amazon, polka dots, ribbons, hamsters, Kpop, orange soda, ice cream, pastas, rose gold / blush color, and gachapons of all kinds (LOL).

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